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Mythic Ore is a digital currency that combines token mechanics with NFTs and decentralized gaming in an innovated way. It is the main currency that powers the whole ecosystem. The main characteristics of the platform are numerous unique features such as NFT Marketplace & Stealing, NFT Upgrades, PvP Games (win to earn), Gem Hunt, Mythic Chests, Treasures Market, Referral System and Dynamic NFT Artwork. Also one of the main features are interactions between Mythic Ore token and NFTs.

Introduction to NFT Stealing

Our thoroughly designed marketplace allows users to steal NFTs in an innovated way. On each NFT steal, previous holder gets partially or fully compensated, based on the amount of BNB spent on the NFT. It is possible to make a profit with this system, with the price floor of stolen NFTs increasing every time. There are, of course, some limitations and ways to Shield and thus protect your NFT for some time or forever. More information can be found here.

Mythic Chest & Treasures Market

Get Mythic Chests by playing Mythic Maze game, purchase them on the Treasures Market, win in competitions or buy them from other users. Unlock the chest and grab special runes that you can use inside the ecosystem for various activities. Track your runes, items and currencies inventory or list them for sale if you do not intent to use them through the Treasures Market. More information can be found on Mythic Chest & Treasures Market sections.

NFT Upgrades

Use upgrades runes to upgrade NFT, improving its rarity while adding additional benefits that plays a major role inside the ecosystem. Upgrading the NFT also changes its art design to match the rarity and attributes, additionally boosting its steal price. More information can be found on the NFT Attributes & NFT Upgrades.

PvP Betting Battles

Main focus of Mythic is the launch of the Mythic Maze game. Mythic Maze is a PvP game, where players have to find their way to the treasure inside the large-scale maze faster than their opponent. Two kinds of NFT collections will be usable in this game, providing passive and active bonuses to give some minor advantages to players. You'll also gonna be able to get special Mythic Chests while playing the game. More information can be found here.​

Referral System

Hold an NFT, upgrade it to get a referral code and earn 1% of each transaction made on our swap from other users that use your referral link or code. Using it gives 0.5% fee discount for all transactions for your referrers. More information can be found here.

Gem Hunt

Once a week there is a hidden treasure placed inside a Mine NFT. Hold NFTs with Saronite Ore farming attribute, and use them to participate in the weekly Gem Hunt by increasing your mining power and improving the chances to find the treasure first. More information can be found here.

Dynamic NFT Artwork

The NFT Art & Rarity is created initially based on the amount of attributes appeared and stats of this attributes. More attributes means bigger variety of objects and bigger stats means more of them. When a Mine NFT is upgraded or modified, the artwork & rarity changed accordingly to the result of the action taken.

Project Uniqueness

Mythic Ore smart contract is not a fork of any others, but it is written based on already existing mechanics with many improvements and upgrades. It is highly optimized, secure and unique. Mythic Ore combines all new features but in a union with NFTs. In order to understand how the ecosystem works we highly recommend to follow the order that all sections are placed in the whitepaper starting with the Mythic Ore Tokenomics.
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