Divine Runes

On each NFT Mint and/or Upgrade random stats are generated for Greater and Lesser Attributes (Benefits) as explained on the NFT Rarity/Stats section, namely:
  • Mythic Ore reflections
  • Saronite Ore farming
  • Game Bonus
  • Buy fee discount
  • Sell fee discount
  • Marketplace fee discount
  • Shield discount
Divine Runes can be acquired by opening Mythic Chests or through our giveaways. Holders of NFTs can use them, making a wish to the Mining Gods that will result in a change of a random attribute on the Mine NFT. Divine Runes can be listed for sale on the Treasure Market!
Tip: Use multiple divine runes at once to save gas. Just type the amount in the field next to a button for using them.
Tip: Using Divine Runes makes possible for NFT holders to reach the rare "boosted stats" values that has only 1% chance to appear during mint or upgrades. Use multiple Divine Runes at once to save gas and notice bigger changes on the stats.
Radioactive Materials (Game Bonuses) Greater Attribute cannot be changed. This attribute is generated once upon mint or if its discovered through upgrading the NFT with a Greater Ameliorate Rune.
Users can track all the uses of Divine Runes along with upgrades inside the NFT card on the stats history page.
Divine Rune uses does not add any steal value to the NFT.

Divine Rune Mechanism

On each Divine Rune use, one random Attribute (Greater or Lesser) is selected and its value is increased or decreased by 5-15% based on the max regular value each attribute can have. Using Divine Runes also changes the NFT art based on the outcome of the values changed.
All stats value changes are generated and powered by Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function).
Regular value is the best stat that can be generated during mint excluding the boosted stat value. Check the stats table here.
Greater & Lesser Ameliorate Rune mechanism generates a completely random stat while Divine Rune simply increase or decrease the current stat by some percentage.
CAUTION: Gods maybe punish you instead and make the stat worse than it used to be.