Mythril Bar Forging

Mythril Bar (BAR) is the third currency in the ecosystem which will be used for:
  • Buying Mythic Chests
  • Minting Miners NFTs
  • Exchanging for BNB on the Treasures Market
More use cases for Mythril Bar will be introduced later.
Mythril Bar forging is the process of combining
Mythic Ore and
Saronite Ore to create
Mythril Bar. During this process both Mythic & Saronite ores are burned forever and removed from the circulating supply.

Rune Forging

Rune Forging is the process of combining different kind of Runes to create better ones. Forging mechanics are still under consideration and will be introduced later! More details about the launch of Forging can be found on the short term Roadmap.