Gem Hunt (Weekly)

Mythic Ore smart contract is gathering 1% from the total of 8% tax on each buy and 2% from the total of 10% tax on each sell, which goes to Gem Hunt weekly prize.
Every week 25% of the total prize pot are hidden inside 1 of 3 randomly picked Legendary Mine NFTs. A lucky winner gets 90% of the prize, and the owner of this Legendary NFT gets 10% of the prize. 75% of the prize that is left after each round goes to the next round and the cycle repeats.
Users can buy mining power units with
Saronite Ores to start mining the mine (or multiple mines) they wish. At the end of the week only one lucky miner will find the treasure on 1 out of 3 NFTs.
Both NFT holder and winner will have to claim their rewards on Gem Hunt tab.
1 Miner (power unit) = 100 Saronite Ores. There is no other way to participate in the Gem Hunt Event. There is no limit on how many miners you can hire.
If you do not own any NFT with Saronite Ore farming, you can always buy Saronite Ores on the Treasure Market from other users that are willing to sell their Saronite Ores in exchange for BNB.
Claimable winnings are protected for 1 month. In any case that any remaining prizes are not claimed, all funds will be used for marketing and buyback purposes.
Last modified 5mo ago