Mythic Maze

Mythic Maze is a PvP game, the objective of which is to find a way to the treasure inside a big maze faster than the opponent (or opponents). A large fog disrupts the view of the players and they are only able to see their next step. No one can know for sure where the treasure is hidden: step by step players might be getting closer to it as well as getting further away, who knows? Mines NFT collection can be used by players inside the game granting passive bonuses while NFTs from Miners collection can be used as active bonuses with certain cooldown after each use. Players will be able to start the game either by creating a PvP room, or joining a random matchmaking queue and set their bet amount in Crystals - a special currency inside the game, which can be traded to BNB and from BNB. Once opponent is found, then the game will start.
Once a player finds the treasure, the round will end and the winner will take the rewards. 5% of the total amount that was bet by both players will be deducted and used for marketing and Mythic Ore Buyback & Burn.
You can play the game without holding any NFT. Bonuses from NFTs do not and will not have major impact inside the game to sustain a fair balance between players.
Players will not be able to check if their opponents are using NFTs before the battle starts.
Players with win streaks will get also Mythic Chests as rewards while using a Miner NFT inside the game.
NOTE: Mythic Maze is still product under development and there is no clear roadmap for all the aspects of the game, meaning that big changes might happen until final product is released. Therefore we cannot disclose all the minor details as they are subject to change. A more detailed documentation will be released once the launch date comes closer.