Mythic Ore (MORE)

Mythic Ore is the main currency with many different use cases inside the ecosystem and many more yet to be discovered. There are 2 general types of use cases for the Mythic Ores: holder benefits and utility cases.

Holders Benefits

  • 25% of all taxes and platform earnings inside our ecosystem will be used to buyback & burn Mythic Ore on low prices or used to add liquidity on high prices to sustain healthy growth and decrease volatility once we get to bigger prices.
25% Taxes from: NFT Stealing, NFT Trading and Marketplace Trading activities.
25% Earnings from: NFT Shielding, NFT Minting and from Mythic Maze game.
All Funds gathered are locked directly on a smart contract which allows only 3 options to be executed: simple Buyback & Burn, Buyback & Token Liquidity Injection, BNB Liquidity Injection.
  • Mythic Ore will be burned while forging Mythril Bar.
  • Mythic Ore holders that own NFT with Saronite Ore farming will get up to 10% extra Saronite Ore income based on their current NFT rate and amount of Mythic Ore they hold.
  • Mythic Ore holders will get rewards during the special events and through competitions.
  • Mythic Ore holders will have access to Mythic Chests from the Store.
  • There are no any features that could potentially increase selling pressure (e.g play to earn, high staking APY)

Mythic Ore Utilities

  • Mythic Ores can be forged to Mythril Bar which can be used to buy the Miners NFT collection closer to Mythic Maze Game release. Learn more here.
  • Used as currency in the Decentralized Games.
  • Used as currency in the Mythic Maze Game.
We are constantly working to add more benefit to Mythic Ore, more will be announced soon!