Referral System & Swap

Road Sign (Referral Tag)

Set a
Road Sign on the way to your mine, so others can visit your place to trade. All NFT holders can buy and unlock a referral tag directly from the NFT card, creating a unique link (or 4 letter tag) that is bound to the NFT. Anyone who makes a swap on our dapp using this code or link gets a 0.5% tax discount, and the owner of this NFT gets 1% of the swap value in BNB. Road Sign can also be found inside the Mythic Chests and can be traded on the Treasures Market.
Road Sign price: 0.2 BNB
The 1% tax is is deducted from the Treasury & Gem Hunt tax, and reward the NFT holder instead. There is no additional tax paid by users but only a 0.5% discount.
In case a referral link is used when buying/selling Mythic Ore then instead of the regular Treasury tax and Gem Hunt tax applied, the funds will be divided like this:
Wallet Acquisition
Buys (2% Treasury & 1% Gem Hunt)
Sells (4% Treasury & 2% Gem Hunt)
Funds to Treasury
1% on buys
3% on sells
Funds to Gem Hunt
0.5% on buys
1.5% on sells
Funds to NFT Holder
1% on buys
1% on sells
Discount for User
0.5% on buys
0.5% on sells
Treasury & Gem Hunt Tax acquisition will drop lower in case the user holds a mine NFT with Buy/Sell Discount Lesser Attribute.
Note that the Road Sign (referral link) is bound to the NFT. That means that if the NFT is stolen or bought by someone, the new holder will accumulate the 1% rewards while users buying or selling Mythic Ores. The new user will be able to claim the pending rewards if there are any remained from previous holder.
Once users open the referral link and make their first swap, all the rest of the transactions on our swap will have the discount and reward the NFT holder. Using pancake directly will not count the bonuses for either the buyer/seller or the NFT holder.

Swap, Auto-Slippage & Transaction Speed

Our own developed Auto-Slippage checks all your discounts & price fluctuations and determines what is the minimum and appropriate slippage for the user at the time of swap and minimize all the usual errors and reverted transactions. It also constantly updates and displays the current slippage that it will be used at the given time.
Add custom contracts and swap any coin to Mythic Ore. Join our telegram group, type "/referral" and get a 0.5% discount on all your transactions on our swap page!
Adjust the transaction speed by increasing the gas price for the swap by selecting one of the 3 options, Default (Standard), Fast or Instant or set your own GWEI preference.
CAUTION: During high volatility the slippage might be increased in order for the transaction to go through. If you do not agree with that you can always turn it off and try setting the slippage manually.