Mythic Ore

Contract Address: 0xd6163ceC51F2e7C5974F3F4Ce8FDb9c80ABF142e
Name: Mythic Ore
Symbol: MORE
Decimals: 18
Total Supply: 100,000,000 Tokens
Max Wallet: 1,000,000 Tokens (1% of total supply)
This is the one and only Mythic Ore token contract address, any other contracts are malicious and may result in loss of funds. Please be always aware and always stay safe.

Token Distribution

40% Public Sale
40% of the total supply will be used to create the presale. 25% of them will be sold to the public and 15% will be used for initial liquidity and locked via GemPad.
15% Expansion
15% of the total supply will be reserved and used for CEX, cross-chain DEX & liquidity for listings. These tokens will be locked for 6 months. If there is no any reason for these tokens to be used they're gonna be locked for another 6 months or until they become needed.
10% Liquidity Injection
10% of the total supply will be used for liquidity injection with BNB gathered from the 1% liquidity tax on each transaction. These tokens will be locked inside the Mythic Ore smart contract and only could be converted to liquidity automatically. Team members do not have access to these tokens.
10% Backup
10% of the total supply will be reserved and used if necessary to back up the ecosystem if any other reserve is exhausted. These tokens will be locked for 4 months without release cycles. If they are not needed, the lock time will be updated for 6 month every time. The process will be repeated until some or all tokens are required.
7.5% Private Sale
7.5% of the total supply will be reserved and airdropped to our early supporters that funded the early marketing. Tokens will be distributed depending on the contribution with the same price as the public sale. Any remaining tokens will be burned.
5% Burned Tokens
5% of the total supply will be burned initially while listing the Presale.
5% Strategic Marketing
5% of the total supply will be used for partnerships and development of the project and expansion of the team. These tokens will not be locked or vested initially but will be vested prior to a partnership agreement that requires them.
5% Rewards
5% of the total supply will be used for our staking system as rewards through 4 pools with high APY
2.5% Team Allocation
2.5% of the total supply will be reserved for team members on a vesting cycle. 0.5% for 5 months, first release after 30 days.


🟢 Buy Tax: 6% 🔴 Sell Tax: 10%
2% Treasury + 2% on sells
2% on buys and 4% on sells go directly to the treasury, supporting the project's long term development though partnerships and marketing campaigns.
1% Token Reflections + 1% on sells
Mythic Ore token reflections works differently than already existing systems. More information can be found here.
1% Gem Hunt +1% on sells (Weekly Prizes)
Gem Hunt is a weekly event on which 1 lucky Mine NFT holder and 1 event participant will receive a big prize in BNB. More information can be found here.
1% Liquidity
Token contract uses a modified liquidity injection mechanics that allows it to supply liquidity on a doubled rate, so our 1% tax works like 2%. Contract swaps 100% of liquidity tax for BNB, and use reserved tokens for liquidity injection. This is twice as efficient as the majority of other auto liquidity implementations.
1% Team
Team salary, divided between team members.
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