Treasures Market

There are 2 different marketplaces inside the ecosystem: NFT marketplace where you can buy, sell or steal Mines NFTs and Treasures marketplace where users can exchange Saronite Ore, Mythril Bar and all the available Runes in exchange for BNB.
The standard 10% tax is included in all transactions on the marketplace: 5% of it goes to Treasury and 5% goes to Buyback & Burn for Mythic Ore.
Holders of Mine NFTs with a lesser attribute of marketplace fee discount will pay a lower fee while making transactions on the marketplace.
The following Currencies, Runes & Items can be listed on the Marketplace in exchange for BNB:
Saronite Ore
Mythril Bar
Mythic Box
Divine Rune
Vision Rune
Eternal Shield Rune
Greater Ameliorate Rune
Lesser Ameliorate Rune
Weak Shield Rune
Usual Shield Rune
Strong Shield Rune
Road Sign
And more will be introduced in the future!